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My Quilty Blanky®
Colorful Quilt
For those days when Republicans scare the shit out of you, and you can't get out of bed


Add your favorite American heroes
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The all new
Nut Tapper Jr.®
now available to preorder!
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The same nut busting power in a more convenient, easy-to-hide-in your-pants size

Easy to use on
parking lot assailants,
passed-out buddies,
your girlfriend's ex
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Delbert Rainin BBQ Fundraiser at Carbondale Park on July the fourth

Delbert got his ass kicked for talkin' shit about the Houston Astros at the Freedom Bluff Rodeo

Now he needs corrective eye surgery and funds for rehab

Get tickets at the door or buy from his sister Sharlene
Summer Festival
Food vendors needed for the 2nd annual Freedom Bluff Music Festival

15TH - 18TH

Menus must include salt, sugar, and/or meat

Only real food

No veggie plates

Beers must be 9% ABV or higher

Must have hotdogs!