• Carol Tannenbaum

Caravan gets mislead by road sign. Travels back to Honduras.

Donald Trump Jr. describes the size of his penis
Donald Trump Jr. describes the size of his penis

Brownsville, Texas–A caravan of almost one thousand asylum seekers from Honduras were fifty miles from the United States border when they turned around and ended up back in their home country.

No, they didn’t change their minds. They were tricked by Donald Trump Jr.

Mr. Trump said he got the idea from Looney Tunes. “I’ve always been a big fan of Elmer Fudd and Wylie Coyote. I kind of look at them as my mentors in a way. They got sticktoitiveness. They just never give up. Whenever I have free time, I pop one of my VHS tapes in the VCR and watch as much as I can. Everyone can learn a lot Mr. Fudd and Mr. Coyote.”

So how did he do it?

“The only reason I went down to Mexico was to get some blow from a guy I know. I love the white stuff. And I’m not just talking about people. Then I saw this sign for the United States. It was pointing north. When no one was looking, I flipped it around. Thank God there was only one nail and it was right in the center of it.”

Minutes after making his confession, Trump tweeted a clarification on Twitter.