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My wife won't clean our toilet because she doesn't have a penis

What women do to toilets (left). What men do to toilets (right).
What women do to toilets (left). What men do to toilets (right).

Dear TDS,

My wife and I have been married for ten years. In all that time, she has refused to clean our toilet. She claims that because she doesn't wake up with an erection, she doesn't get the toilet dirty. We vowed for better or for worse. I think she should have to clean the toilet no matter who gets it dirty. It's not my fault I have great dreams. What do you say?

Woody in Westchester

Dear Woody,

This is a problem that has plagued man since indoor plumbing was invented. Not to worry, though. The answer is simple. Go to the bathroom outside. Let the toilet be her toilet. Let nature be yours.


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