• Sally Lipshank

Wife sends pic of her husband and her best friend to cuckold's Skylight Frame

Adulterers Pedro Martinez and Alyssa Carajuego get tangled up in Christmas lights
Adulterers Pedro Martinez and Alyssa Carajuego get tangled up in Christmas lights

Denver, Colorado—Marketed as the perfect gift for loved ones, the Skylight frame allows anyone to email pictures straight to the owner's frame. Unfortunately for Jaime Carajuego, the perfect gift from his mother came with an unexpected twist. It was a picture of his wife, Alyssa, giving her best friend's husband a gift of her own.

Stephanie Martinez suspected that her husband, Pedro, was having an affair. "He was working late a lot. Taking longer trips to the bathroom. He was always too tired to have sex. According to Google, everything he was doing meant he was either having an affair or masturbating a lot, so I hired a private investigator."

Two days later, she had her proof. Little did she know, that proof included her best friend Alyssa.

"Fucking bitch. I confided in her. She even cried with me. I was going to cut her tits off, but then I remembered she had given me the email address to Jaime's Skylight frame. Skylight doesn't lie. When you email a picture, it's on the frame in seconds. She texted me right away to apologize. I didn't reply. I emailed another picture. She texted me again, asking me to stop, so I emailed a third picture. Then I emailed a picture of a note that I wrote. It said, 'Keep texting, bitch, and I'll keep sending pics.' I guess I could have texted that, but I got caught up in emailing pictures to the Skylight frame. It's actually really cool. I'm thinking of getting one. You really have to be careful who you give the email address to, though."

Skylight said in a statement, "While we don't condone sending pornography to our frames, we are glad that Ms. Carajuego's breasts are still attached to her body. And Ms. Martinez is correct, you really need to be careful with the email address. Some political campaigns have been spamming constituents with pictures of flyers."