• Mark Joseph

California company contracts walkers to give piggyback rides to work

PiggyBacker, Rachel Malone, spends $150 for massage treatment, after making $20 giving piggyback rides
PiggyBacker, Rachel Malone, spends $150 for massage treatment, after making $20 giving piggyback rides

Rancho Cucamonga, California–With gas prices nearing six dollars per gallon in the Golden State, one Rancho Cucamonga start-up is literally putting commuters on its back.

PiggyBack, Inc. brings together everyday walkers who exercise for fun and commuters who can’t afford the record breaking fuel prices. With their nipple to upper back technology, they are helping to curb greenhouse gasses while increasing profits for local chiropractors.

Walkers download the PiggyBack Walker app and go through a fifteen minute background check. When they are ready to go out for a stroll, they tell the app they’re available and are then matched with commuters who have the PiggyBack Rider app.

“It’s one-of-a-kind technology,” says Padraig Covington, PiggyBack’s founder and CEO. “You can literally get paid for taking a walk. God, I love the stupidity of this fucking country.”

We talked to one PiggyBack walker who wanted to remain anonymous. “It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’m only 5’4” and weigh one hundred and thirty pounds. Some of these riders are really fat. And most of them are carrying briefcases with their laptops and lunch inside. Some of them fart, which you can feel that vibration. Some don’t shower. They stink. And most people just hop on without any warning. Also, a lot of times when I’m just out for a walk, people will just jump on me. I’m not always available. Sometimes I just like to walk by myself. One guy wouldn’t get off. He said he was sure that I was his Piggy Backer. I turned my body really quickly and dumped him in a pond.”

When asked his timeline for expanding PiggyBack to the rest of California, Covington said, “Well, right now we’re just trying to grow our customer base. We’ve got about fifty. The problem is that some of our PiggyBackers have filed lawsuits. Once we get through the growing pains, we’re going nationwide. You can’t stop stupid. You can only contain it.”